About 01

Hellmoldt Law is a boutique law firm specializing in providing legal services to small and medium-sized companies interested in obtaining personalized, affordable legal advice. Smaller companies are a source of much of the innovation in today’s technology-driven economy, and we believe that they deserve the same high-quality legal representation that larger companies get from large law firms, but at a lower price. Our small size allows us to fill this need.

We are experienced in all phases of the intellectual property development cycle, so we can work with you as your company grows to help you maximize your return on investment. Should the need arise, we are there to represent you in litigation, and we will work to help you to find a way to resolve the dispute in a way that minimizes the impact on your business. Litigation can be a drain on the resources of smaller companies, so we develop our strategies with this in mind. We do not believe in “over-litigating” disputes – we work to resolve the case quickly, allowing you to continue building your business.